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Put this marked cards on the table, then wearing the playing card win lens or perspective glasses, that you can see the marked pattern very clearly.

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Plastic Poker, unexpected flexibility, 180 degree bending of the plate surface can still recover quickly, without leaving creases or deformation, creating more possibilities:
We marked with invisible ink on the back on poker ,our customized poker looks the same as ordinary poker,the invisible ink will not be recognized by naked eyes,however,you can see the suit and number by our contact lenses or perspective glasses very clearly,our special poker and packaging are the same as the original ones
Durable, flexible and waterproof, smooth and non-fading, durable, without fear of oxidation
how to use:
when you wearing our contact lenses ,then put invisible ink marked cards on the table , you can see the marked pattern very clearly. This way you can see your opponent ’s cards and let you win
A. We can help you cheating in poker to win 100% in all poker games; analyzer can know the result of winning hand before the game;
C. poker scanner can tell 52 cards before deal in one second;
D. poker camera tell you how to get better winning hand;
—Marking Styles:
(1) Mark one big number with suit in the middle of cards
(2) Mark 4 small number with suit in four corners of cards
(3) Mark 6 mini number with suit in white corners.
(4) can mark what suit you like if you have a large quantity.
We provide invisible ink printing. we can printing on domino, mahjong and so on. marking with invisible ink but still look like the normal cards,only can be seen by contact lenses
We can mark the invisible ink barcode on the side of the poker for the poker analyzer, you can use the poker camera and scanning camera to scan it, you can get the winner from the headset or vibrator, let yourself have a good card or other information You want,this invisible ink barcode can not recognized by contact lens and naked eye

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