True Button Poker X-ray camera CVK500 CVK600 marked deck of playing cards

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We disguised X-ray cameras as daily necessities,such as lighters camera, ashtrays camera, the pocket button camera can scans the marked playing cards

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We disguised X-ray cameras as daily necessities, such as lighters camera, ashtrays camera, power banks camera,watches camera, chip trays camera, etc. Now there is a new sleeve button camera which is removable,。that is, you can take the button camera away and attach it to another shirt. This improvement makes the user more convenient to operate

You can tie the button X-ray camera to your wrist or other place and install the button on the sleeve of the shirt. When scanning the invisible barcode marks on the edges of the card, the analyzer will report who is the winner or give yourself a Good hand or other information. You can get information through headphones or a vibrator, all reports take less than 0.1 seconds.

The battery of this compact button camera is also removable, so you can replace the battery at any time. The distance of the pocket button camera is about 10cm to 15cm. The appearance of our special buttons is the same as ordinary buttons, no one can find the difference.

The pocket button X-ray camera can scan the invisible marks on the back of the poker, and we can customize it into one-to-one equipment and ink.

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