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We installed a miniature poker camera lens inside the clock, when scanning invisible maked playing card, you can know the result of poker game, or let me have a good poker hand,this is good card anti cheating device

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 Clocks are very common in our lives, no one will realize that we will use the clock to cheat on poker

We installed a miniature poker camera lens inside the clock (our specially made clock looks the same as a normal clock), so that the invisible barcode poker can be scanned clearly and accurately. In addition, the scanning distance of the clock  camera card cheating device can be between 2 meters and 6 meters. Our professional technicians can adjust the scanning distance. No matter how long you want to predict the distance, we can offer you.

Clock Poker cheating Camera is a wide range distance camera that can detect invisible ink marked playing cards . And this clock poker predictor is a popular poker cheating deivce. There are many professional poker players using this clock playing card cheating device.

You can use the remote control to control the clock poker camera, and clock poker reader can read marked playing cards . With the hidden poker spy card reader inside the clock, you can use this poker camera lens for a long time, so that you have enough time to control the entire poker game results.

poker scanner camera automatically at side of the marked playing cards . the poker scanner camera will automatically recognize, automatically focus and automatically scan the marked playing cards. then the clock will tell you the game result.(Our clock can tell you how to get a good poker hand),You can get the result by vibrator or mini earphone

or :

Our classic clock poker camera scanner can monitor invisible maked playing cards well. The excellent classic clock playing card scanner can be used with different types of poker analyzer screens or small monitors next to poker tables. And you can also use the signal transmitter to transmit to a large Miniator in another room. This classic clock poker camera can be used in other poker games, such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Indian Straight Flush, Omaha, Blackjack, etc.

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