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White light perspective contact lenses have special functions and different uses. You must be careful when purchasing them. White light glasses products include perspective glasses and white light glasses, which are all good quality white light glasses. They are comfortable, ultra-thin, and good quality white light glasses have no side effects on people. They are also a kind of contact lenses used for magic entertainment under white light. You can see the number marks that were originally invisible to us, when you wear white light contact lenses. The visible light color of the contact words on the back of the card can be shown when you wear contact lenses, It is exactly the same as the purple light of the banknote verification lamp, so it is also used in poker, mahjong and other entertainment industries.

If you are wearing white glasses for the first time, you should not wear them for too long. It is better to have an adaptation period of about a week, for example, 4 hours on the first day, 6 hours on the second day, and so on. After about a week, you can wear them normally. This can avoid some symptoms caused by discomfort. Of course, this scheme is not static, You can adjust the length of this adaptation period according to your actual situation and the adaptability of your eyes.
If conditions permit, you'd better not wear white glasses one or two days a week, so that your eyes have enough rest time. This is good for the long-term health care of glasses, because your eyes also need to breathe.

Maintenance method:
1. Maintain according to the instructions of liquid medicine. Discard the maintenance solution within three months after opening, even if it is not used up. It is better not to continue to use it.
2. Regularly replace high-definition white glasses, including hard high-definition white glasses
3. Fix and remove protein. If you use hydrogen peroxide solution, you need to remove the protein before soaking the solution every day; For those who use multi-functional maintenance fluid, it is recommended to regularly remove protein every week to reduce the chance of infection. The storage box shall be cleaned at least once a week and replaced every three months
6. Do not immerse the lens in the liquid medicine for a long time. The liquid medicine will gradually lose its disinfection function and become a hotbed for breeding bacteria. For those who don't often wear high-definition white glasses, it is better to change the immersion solution once every 2 days, and remember to disinfect and clean it again before wearing it.
7. Never wear high-definition white glasses when swimming.

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