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 CyCheatPoker has developed a new poker analyzer - the IPhone 13 playing card scanner. The new IPhone 13 playing card scanner is a magic machine to win money. When you scan the invisible barcode on the side of the poker, it will report the result of the poker game in advance, help you win the game, break through the limitations of the secular, stylish appearance and practical performance. The new high-tech poker scanner products, leading the trend of the industry, IPhone 13 poker scanner! The analysis speed and operation performance of the report card are first-class in the industry; the recognition rate is 100%, and the recognition rate of curved, oblique, arched, warped, and random cards is extremely high. It can recognize positive and negative cards and cards in 360 degrees. This product also supports multi-frequency reception. . The real support card is inclined, vertical, and vertical can easily help you scan.

New IPhone 13 Playing Card Scanner New IPhone 13 Playing Card Scanner Features:

1. It integrates the high-end intelligent Android operating system, and has the appearance of a high-end and stylish smartphone.


2. Actively report the size and color point. [Analysis of size and color point]


3. Thousands of gameplays are mobilized from all over the country, and new gameplays can be customized according to customer requests.
4. 100% accurate reporting. "Fast", "Accurate", "Stable"

5, can 360 all-round active search for newspaper identification.

6. The products are powerful and complete, safe and reliable, and strong in actual combat.

7. It is the same kind of products with fast moving speed and high accuracy, and the real effect is fast and accurate;

8. There is no effect on the upturned card and the arched card, and the card can be reported in the air, no false report, no random report, no duplicate sound, 100% accurate report card;

Four advantages of the new iPhone 13 playing card scanner:

1: This product is the only product of the same kind on the market that can quickly identify and report cards in a dynamic situation, with fast start-up speed, high accuracy of reporting cards, and a large matching angle;

Two: The IPhone 13 playing card scanner is also the only one on the market that realizes the front, back, left, right, up and down, large vertical extension and 360-degree suspension for quick card reporting during operation;

Three: whether it is skewed, arched, front and rear to the limit, the time card is faster and more accurate than similar products;

Four: The product production process is excellent, the golden ratio of product design, and the original factory produces high-end atmosphere! high quality!

3. It can be equipped with a dedicated wide-range WiFi high-definition dynamic lens module, and the recognition range is wider up, down, left, and right!
4. It can be equipped with a dedicated one-to-one headset, the use distance is longer, and the actual combat effect is stronger!
5. Built-in newly upgraded poker winning software, bending, arching, tilting, and old cards are faster, more accurate, and more stable, and the only exclusive realization of the ability to report cards in a backlight environment!
6. The host can flip the card arbitrarily 180 degrees, and the front and back can be used freely!
7. Optional AKK special P5 Bluetooth power amplifier, longer distance, more comfortable and clearer sound!
8. The special remote control can remotely control the lens switch, add and subtract the number of people up and down to report the card, the operation is more convenient, and the host battery lasts longer!
9. Exclusive 3D laser coating technology, fully enclosed and no exposed camera, which can be converted into one or two parts at will!
10. The exclusive smart wearable P7A watch can make and receive calls and instantly display HD poker results!
11. Using the advanced precision manufacturing process of smart phones, the quality is far superior to that of the peers. The selection of components and internal processes of the products are very different from those of the peers. It is your choice with great value for money!


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