Anti Poker Cheat Watch hide poker camera Scanner marked card

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 It is the first large-scale watch that can report the results of poker games when held in hand, and can also report cards when placed on the table. The camera is hidden in the watch and no one can find it. The range is about 22 cm, and the battery can be replaced.
This is a newly designed watch camera. Due to the limited scanning range of the old watch camera, the reporting speed is slow, the operation is difficult, and the battery is not durable. Therefore, we have newly designed a large-scale watch, you can watch our video, we have the English version, the watch needs to be connected to the mobile poker analyzer to use it. Through headset connection, vibrator, time display, you can get the results of the game
Now, this new type of watch camera with high-power bank can meet your battery life problem, and the mobile power can make the camera work at least 3 hours, and some powerful high-power banks can work longer. You can also change another power bank to work with this watch camera.
For this kind of watch camera with mobile power supply, it can be used with poker analyzers of all ages.

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