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 The specific operation method of the power bank poker scanning lens can be used with any mobile phone analyzer host to accurately report the results of the poker game, the size of the cards and the number of points in 0.01 seconds. This lens is processed with the power bank commonly used in life , When playing cards, you can not only analyze the cards but also charge your mobile phone normally, whether it is an Apple mobile phone, Samsung mobile phone, Huawei mobile phone, etc. can be used.
    Power banks generally use ordinary 18650 lithium batteries and advanced lithium polymer batteries in the market. Advanced lithium polymer batteries have better safety than 18650 lithium batteries. Simply speaking, power banks are large and convenient to carry. Capacity portable power supply, easy to carry after processing into a power bank poker scanning lens, you can play any cards in the process of use, whether it is Texas Hold'em, Indian in and out games, Bull Fight, Golden Flush, Texas Hold'em, Omaha 4 cards, Omaha 5 cards , Indian in - out game can be used, the analysis speed is very fast, it only takes 30 minutes to charge and you can play for several hours. With independent power, you can charge the mobile phone while playing cards, and it will not affect the single player. You can play as you want on a stand-alone camera without any scruples. Compared with other similar lenses, it has a great advantage.
    The charging plug of the high-capacity power bank poker scanning lens can charge the mobile device directly through the AC power supply and has its own power storage device, which is equivalent to a mixture of a charger and a backup battery, which can simplify a charging plug compared to the backup power supply. Compared with the charger, it has its own power storage device, which can provide backup power for digital products when there is no direct power supply or when going out. rate of one hundred percent.
    The specific operation method of the high-capacity power bank poker scanning lens requires the player to go to the cycheatpoker company in person, first try the effect of the product for free, and then discuss the specific matters of purchase and processing after feeling satisfied.

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