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Emergency lamps are very common in public areas. If your poker table is near the exit, it would give you a chance to use this long distance camera for poker anti cheat.

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This is an emergency light, it is very common in daily life, no one will pay attention to him. However, it is also a hidden camera that can scan the hidden edges of the playing cards and tell you the result and tell you who is the winner. Or let you have a good hand or other information.

We install poker cameras in emergency lights, mobile phones, wallets, keys, etc. When you use them in poker games, The device can help you win. However, our playing cards are specially made with invisible ink. We are on the side of poker Marked with invisible ink.

The emergency light infrared camera can scan and mark the playing cards at a long distance, because the emergency light is always hung in a high position, the position or form of the card far away from the playing place. As for the scanning distance of the emergency light camera, we can make 2m to 3m, 3m to 3.7m, 4m to 4.7m, and so on.

How does the emergency light camera scan the sign? . After the camera is installed in the emergency light, you need to test the camera and consider where to place the emergency light camera, and after fixing the emergency light camera, you can adjust the camera and find a suitable position on the table and scan the marked card, You can use the remote control to adjust the focus and adjust the zoom, control the camera to move to the left or right hand or the upper or lower side, and adjust the camera's sharpness until the camera can clearly see the mark on the card and can give you the correct answer.


Print invisible ink on the back of the playing cards. The best place to see hidden cards is on the poker table. Emergency light infrared camera is a good choice. Our invisible ink and equipment are one-to-one.

cards with invisible marks read invisible information on the back of the game deck. there are two invisible juice-tagged decks. one for luminous contact lenses and the other for infrared cameras. the biggest advantage of the infrared camera is that you can see the magic cards of these two magicians at the same time.

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