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 The playing card analyzer is a common cheating tool in casinos. It consists of four parts: the analyzer host, the lens, the invisible wireless earbuds, and the processing poker. It can help people know which card is the biggest before the cards are dealt. Because of its strong practicability and high success rate, it is favored by many fans.
    The principle of playing card analyzer: The micro identification code invisible to the naked eye is played on the edge of the poker. Through the built-in program of the analyzer host, it can receive the radio image signal sent by the lens, and identify the image through the built-in software to determine the arrangement of each poker. Order and calculate the corresponding winner according to the calculation, and send the result of the game to the invisible earbuds through Bluetooth.
    Features of the playing card analyzer: The playing card analyzer pays attention to the selection of the lens, it can be adjusted freely, the operation is simple, the lethality is more powerful, and it is more hidden and hard to prevent. It will not reveal any flaws in actual combat, and the new and old, bending, tilting and damage of the playing cards will not affect its working ability.
1. Actively report the size and color point.
2. Assemble thousands of games from all over the country, such as: Texas Hold'em, Baccarat, India in and out, seke, mahjong, etc., and can also customize new games according to customer requirements.
3. 100% accurate reporting. "Fast", "Accurate", "Stable"
4. It can automatically search and identify newspapers in 360 directions.
5. Commodities are powerful and complete, safe and reliable, and are the strongest in actual combat.
Can be matched with an external lens, which is hidden in daily necessities, such as watches, belts, clothes, hats, ashtrays, etc.

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