Poker Cheating Device UV Protection Contact Lenses

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how to anti cheat poker,Put this marked cards on the table, then applying the contact lenses , that you can see the invisible marked pattern very clearly.

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Red light invisible ink is common on the market., So our company has developed the latest one-to-one invisible ink, This one-to-one invisible ink only can be seen by one-to-one contact lenses. If you need this invisible ink to marked, you can contact us
1. What we have?
A.  contact lenses help you to see another world in poker games;
B.  cheat poker analyzer and poker scanning camera help you easy win in playing Texas hold em, omaha and any kinds of poker game;
C. Remote control dice when can help you cheat in dice and win dice;
D. Ghost hand to exchange or hide cards when playing;

We have marked domino and cheating marked mahjong
Our company has many years of experience in making invisible ink, one-to-one invisible ink, infrared invisible ink, invisible ink can not be seen by the naked eye

We marked invisible ink on the back of the poker. When you use our contact lenses, you can see the mark on the back of the playing card, which allows you to win the game. Playing cards treated with our invisible ink look like ordinary playing cards, no one can find the difference.

B——How to use:
put this marked cards on the table, then applying the contact lenses or , that you can see the marked pattern very clearly.

We can also mark the ink on the side of the playing cards. This kind of invisible ink contact lenses cannot be seen, and can only be analyzed with our poker analyzer or scanner. He can let you know who is the winner in advance or let yourself have a good card or You want to know other information

The design idea of ​​Aladdin's playing cards comes from the famous fairy tale "Aladdin's Magic Lamp". The simple and elegant color scheme brings out a different style.

Originally made in the United States, American Poker Company has been adhering to more than 130 years of production technology, mechanized production, black core paper core pressing, environmentally friendly ink, accurate printing and cutting ... Each playing card is dedicated to more than 50 quality tests and more than 20 inspection Standards create the excellent quality of poker cards, providing players with a pleasant poker experience

Each playing card is pressed by the Air-Cushion process, the card surface is evenly distributed with fine anti-wrinkle, so that an "air layer" is formed between the cards, creating a smooth and smooth poker feel

High-quality pulp, environmentally friendly ink
Follow the concept of sustainable development, select pulp to create each playing card, use environmentally friendly ink for card surface printing, and use no pollution with peace of mind

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