Fournier 818 invisible ink markers used for Perspective lenses poker anti cheating techniques

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(1) Making invisible digital markers in the middle of the card (2) Mark 4 small to distinguish different colors (3) Mark 6 mini numbers in the white corner. (4) You can mark what you want.

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we marked invisible ink on the back of fournier 818 playing cards. when you wearing the contact lenses, you can see the playing card number and suit. Our special playing cards look like ordinary playing cards, no one can find any difference. The human eye cannot see the invisible ink.
European entertainment playing cards, cards for entertainment venues, Funier Company produces and processes playing cards through the equipped technology and equipment. The raw materials pass through the processing process and 12 strict quality control procedures. "ISO9001 Lowe's Quality Assurance" system certification, you can see him in casinos in the world: Las Vegas, Atlantic, Monte Carlo, London Ritz Club ...
Poker size: 63 * 88mm

Material: paper
we can also print the invisible ink barcode on the edge of the poker. this ink can only be recognized by the poker analyzer or scanner. when you use the scanner to scan the invisible barcode on the edge of the poker, the mobile poker analyzer can tell you who are winners or have good poker hand or other information you want to know through the headset or vibrator. the scanner camera is hidden in daily necessities, don't worry about being discovered. and the invisible ink barcode are not detected by contact lenses
What we can do?
A. We can help you cheating in poker to win 100% in all poker games; analyzer can know the result of winning hand before the game;
C. poker scanner can tell 52 cards before deal in one second;
D. poker camera tell you how to get better winning hand;

Our company has many years of experience in the production of marked cards, no matter what kind of material poker is, we can meet your requirements. We can help you customize poker and print invisible ink on the back of playing cards.

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