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water dispenser camera scanning get 3 card poker win invisible bar code playing cards

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We built the poker win lens inside the water dispenser, no one can find out where the camera is,The water dispenser needs to be used with the invisible barcode poker.When the water dispenser win lens scans the edge of the poker

We built the poker cheating lens inside the water dispenser, no one can find out where the camera is, and the scanning range of the water dispenser can be 1 to 4 meters, so no one will notice that the water dispenser is a poker cheating device.

The water dispenser needs to be used with the invisible barcode poker. We print the invisible ink on the four edges of the poker. When the water dispenser cheating lens scans the edge of the poker, the poker lens will transmit the barcode to the poker prediction device mobile phone to analyze,  You can get the player's poker information, or who is the winner, or the information you want to know through headphones, vibrator or monitor.

Our special water dispenser have the same functions as ordinary water dispenser. They can heat and cool drinking water, which is safe, hygienic and leak-proof. The only difference is that there is a perspective camera inside the water dispenser for scanning playing cards to obtain information that will make you win.

Many families are equipped with water dispenser, which are very common in daily life. The scanning lenses of water dispenser have one-to-one and ordinary ones. Which one needs to contact us?

water dispenser need to be used with poker analyzers, such as: CVK mobile phone analyzer, AKK mobile phone analyzer, etc.

A wireless remote control is configured to control the camera to move up, down, left, right, and focus.

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