TNK XS Phone anti poker cheating analyzer top Omaha operating technology

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Help you win in Texas Hold'em, Russian Seca game, Flush game, Indian in-out game , Omaha and so on or the game you need.

 The beautifully-looking poker analyzer is officially launched. The poker analyzer is a way to use custom made camera, a special one-to-one invisible ink barcode is printed on the edge of the playing card, and it passes through a receiver the size of a cigarette box, and then receives it through a wireless headset.
This equipment is called NTK playing cards. Each card is printed with special invisible ink, as well as an analyzer, a special camera phone, vibrator or an invisible headset that can be placed in the ear . Through the analyzer, input the number of players and the playing method, each time a card is dealt, the signal from the camera phone can be used to quickly analyze who has the big card and tell the other party through the headset.
The single-person operation analyzer is a common cheating tool in casinos. It consists of the analyzer host, the lens, the invisible wireless earplugs, and the processing of poker. It can covertly assist in changing cards, because it is practical and has a High success rate and popular.
working principle:
The principle is that a miniature identification code that is invisible to the naked eye is printed on the side of the poker. After the built-in program of the analyzer host, it can receive the radio image signal sent by the lens, and recognize the image through the built-in software, determine the sequence of each poker and calculate the corresponding winner according to the calculation, and transfer the result of the card game to the invisible earplug via Bluetooth Time in the vibrator or the phone screen, etc.
 Operation method steps:
First set the gameplay. The camera is on the desktop, or on the body or anywhere around it. Scan the poker in a certain range, and transfer the result of the game to the invisible wireless earbuds via Bluetooth according to the set playing method. The whole system needs to cooperate with voice report poker, also called sweep poker.
Single-person operation camera:
NTK single operation lens includes: mineral water bottle lens, watch lens, belt lens, ashtray lens, leather bag lens, hat lens, chest lens, wallet lens, mobile phone lens, bead lens, cuff lens, drinking fountain lens, frame lens, coin Lens, wall-painting lens, emergency light lens, etc., can also be customized to any position according to personal habits.
1. Take the initiative to report the size and color point.
2. The convenient poker scanner in the mobile phone is easy to operate, easy to carry, and can easily set the number of players.
3. Use the mobile phone battery to supply power, and the battery consumes less power and has a long use time.

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