iPhone card analyzer get poker winning hands anti cheat in Omaha PK 606

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it insert a mini dual scanning camera inside, which simplified the system lots, as the inside poker scanner can trace the bar code marked cards itself

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 How to cheat on Omaha, this is a deck of cards that looks just like ordinary playing cards, but we mark invisible ink barcodes on the side of the cards.

How to make you win in poker. We have a poker camera, the cheating camera is hidden on the side of the phone, inside the phone. By scanning the invisible barcode on the side of the poker, you can know the value of 56 cards before the cards are dealt. You can find out who is the winner through headphones or a vibrator, and know who is the winner by feeling the vibration time, or let yourself get a good card. As for Omaha 5, 6, 7, 8 and more cards, the rules are similar to Texas Hold'em and Omaha 4 cards and Omaha 5 cards poker games, the only difference is the number of cards issued.

 it also can make phone call and send message like a normal phone.and search online use the APP application as the normal smartphone.

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