read marked cards Deivce ceiling-mounted luminaire poker camera

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This secret lamp camera can read the back invisible marked cards . then You can see the marks on TV or your cell phone instead of wearing contact lenses. Also, the back marked cards marks can not be seen by contact lenses or sunglasses.

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If you not allowed to wear a watch in a poker game or not allowed to put anything on the table, how to cheat in poker. In this case, I recommend the lens of energy-saving lamps. Energy-saving lamps are everywhere in life, and players will not be aware of the problem of cheating.

We installed poker scanner camera in the light lamp. Our special light lamp is looks the same as the ordinary energy-saving lamp. This high-tech light camera can scan poker with invisible ink. We printed special Invisible ink on the back of the poker. This ink is invisible to human eyes and infrared contact lenses, and can only be seen by our poker camera.

You can use the remote control to switch on or switch off the light lamp poker camera lenses. With the concealable poker camera lens inside it, others can not detect any flaw about this camera lens.

If you use our energy-saving lamp camera card reader to play poker, you need to cooperate with your poker partner so that he can tell you the result of the poker game in advance. When your partner reads the ink mark on the monitor screen, let him use the miniature headset to tell you the result of the poker game.

how to use:
Turn on the camera inside the energy-saving lamp with the remote control, the poker camera will transmit the captured picture to the monitor screen, you only need to use our special invisible mark poker, the poker camera will transmit the mark to the monitor screen, so you can win the poker game

When you turn on our special energy-saving lamps, you will find that the lights are the same as the ordinary lighting lamps. Our playing cards are specially made, and the infrared contact lenses cannot detect the ink, and the human eye cannot detect

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