Car key camera scanner magic invisible ink marked card trips to win poker

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We hidden our poker scanning camera inside car keys of different auto brands, like Benz car key, Toyota car key, etc., to help poker players anti cheat in poker games.

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We hidden mini poker camera inside car key, The appearance is the same as an ordinary car key. Even if you open the inside of the key, you will not find the existence of the camera. In order not to cause players to doubt, our key style There are BMW car keys, Toyota car keys, Mercedes-Benz car keys, Volkswagen car keys and Honda car keys, etc., we can also customize the car keys you want

We usually hide the poker scanning camera in daily necessities, such as lighters,mobile power, wallets, watches,  etc., to help poker players cheat in poker games.

We have marked invisible barcodes on the side of the poker. When you scan Invisible bar-codes sides marking playing cards by car key poker camera, you can know who is the winner or let yourself have a good hand through the headset or vibrator, or customize the information you want to know

Good concealment and fast scanning speed:

The camera is completely hideable, and others will not be able to discover its existence. It is made with advanced German technology and has a very high scanning speed.

Fast speed, high precision and strong stability:

In order for the camera to scan the marked card, you need to keep the car key 20-40 cm near the card. Within this distance, the camera can quickly and automatically scan cards with invisible marks. There is a button on the car key that can be used to turn the camera on or off.

Car keys are very common products, so even if you put them on the table, others will think it is normal. So we produce this Audi car key camera, you can put it on the table to scan the side of the barcode edge marking the playing cards

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