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 The watch poker scanner is a crystallization magic machine of winning wisdom. It reports the results of poker games to you in advance, helps you win poker games, and breaks through the limitations of the world. It is a new high-tech poker scanner with stylish appearance and practical performance. The instrument product leads the trend of the industry, and the speed of reporting and analysis and operation performance are first-class in the industry; the recognition rate is 100%, and the recognition rate of curved, oblique, arched, warped, and random cards is extremely high. This product also supports multi-frequency reception. The real support card is inclined, vertical, and vertical can easily help you scan.
The new watch scanner lens adopts German high-definition infrared scanning pinhole camera, which is specially designed for the current single-hand operation of the poker analyzer, which can be instantly analyzed. Cy Cheat Poker, a company with many years of research and development experience, does both in terms of quality and concealment. It is very in place, suitable for all kinds of single-person operation poker analyzer host.
New Watch Scanner Lenses
    The new watch scanner lens not only has a beautiful appearance, fine workmanship, and a leather strap, but also has a very good concealment. The lens is directly installed on the strap, which is flawless and perfect. The lens can move freely around, from 5 cm to 60 cm, and the effect is very good. The camera is installed in the watch chain, without holes and black pieces, and it is made of white steel.
    The new watch scanner lens can adjust the time just like ordinary watches, and its appearance is exactly the same as that of ordinary watches. Even if the inner cover of the watch is opened, the lens cannot be found. The new watch analyzer lens, the battery can be recharged and used like a mobile phone battery. The new watch analyzer lens, you can make it on the surface of the watch, you can also hide it on the watch, our company has a variety of watches, welcome to consult more high-tech single-operated lens and other product information.
New Watch Scanner Lens Features:
1. Long power consumption (replaceable battery)
2. Beautiful appearance
3. Light control circuit, automatic switch lens
4. Move the card at will, grab the card by hand, press the card flat, and face the card sideways
4. 100% accurate reporting. "Fast", "Accurate", "Stable"
6. The products are powerful and complete, safe and reliable, and strong in actual combat.
7. It is the same kind of products with fast moving speed and high accuracy, and the real effect is fast and accurate;
8. There is no effect on the upturned card and the arched card, and the card can be reported in the air, no false report, no random report, no duplicate sound, 100% accurate report card;

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