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We are introducing a Iphone 6 mobile poker win device for card exchange . Maximum can hide 2 cards inside of phone . It is not normal phone but a phone case , no have any electric board inside and can not call

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Mobile ordinary poker exchanger is our company's advanced mechanical technology, which is often used in magic shows and poker games. The high-tech iPhone ordinary card changer can replace playing cards in one second, and the entire replacement process will not be discovered by others.
Anyone can use our poker exchange, we can customize wallet exchange, clothes poker exchange, Ghost poker manual exchange and so on according to your requirements.
High working efficiency, fast exchange of playing cards, no noise. The appearance of this mobile poker exchanger device is the same as our ordinary mobile phone, and no one can find its flaws.
Work :
The mobile poker exchange only needs to be placed on the poker table. When you are ready to exchange cards, you only need to touch the poker to the mobile exchanger, and the mobile exchanger will change the playing card., and the exchanger will change the poker cards you want within 0.1 seconds.
With the development of society, more and more people are using the iPhone, so it is normal to bring this iPhone poker cheating device to the casino. You can use this anti-poker cheating device to play casino games if you Already have tag card or poker analysis software
Applies to:
magic shows, private clubs, casinos, omaha, baccarat, poker tournaments, texas hold'em, etc.

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