Clothes Poker Change Card device playing cards tricks to win

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change the card , we only need 0.3 second to finish . The whole process happen silent and fast . Other people can not realize what happen.

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This is a new clothes poker exchanger that can exchange playing cards without noise, so no one will notice you cheating in a poker game. Both small and large playing cards or plastic or playing cards can be used in poker exchangers.
The battery can be changed for the clothes poker exchanger. The battery life is about 5 hours.
If you want to change your poker game during the poker game. , You can buy an advanced card changer device. Here, we can provide you with the best poker exchanger tool. It is a wallet card exchanger that can exchange poker cards quietly and quickly. Our wallet card exchanger is an anti-poker device. This means you can use it in casino games 。We also have a battery free poker exchanger : ghost hand.
Efficient work, fast exchange of playing cards, no noise. The wallet exchange device looks the same as our regular wallet, so no one else can find any defects in it. In addition, the wallet exchange is easy to carry. 



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