Cheating by fraudulent gambling tools, police caught high-tech "god of gambling"



Wireless earplug

Special cards

Micro scanner

Fage has a habit in performing "God of gamblers" - he must eat a piece of chocolate before he makes a move, which has almost become a symbol of his identity.

In Haining, a "gambler" who used to lose gambling,
Using iconic movements,Become the ever winning "God of gambling"!
This "God of gamblers" signature action is: every time before gambling, he will slap a few thick knives of RMB on the table, in his words, "money can make money.". Does this really make money? Yesterday morning, the reporter learned from Haining public security organ that with the "God of gambling" being beaten back to its original form by the police, his "secret trick" also surfaced - the RMB in front of him actually hides the electronic equipment of cheating gambling, and he has wireless earplugs in his ear, and he knows other people's playing cards!
Gambling often loses and wants to set up "celestial immortals bureau"
Xiaohe, a 28 year old man from Yibin, Sichuan Province, does not have a proper job. He occasionally does odd jobs or does small businesses to make money. After he came to Haining, he had many hobbies. His biggest hobby was gambling, especially taking part in the gambling game called "Xiaojiu".
Xiaohe loves gambling, but gambling doesn't love him very much, so he hasn't been given good luck. Xiaohe lost more than 100000 yuan in gambling and almost never won. He was teased by gamblers as "often defeated general".
But why not give up, still addicted to gambling. He felt that there must be something wrong with the people who gambled with him. They either cheated or used cheating tools. With this idea, he inquired around and heard about a lot of cheating tools.
According to Xiao He, in June this year, in order to be a "God of gambling", he spent more than 5000 yuan on a set of cheating gambling tools. The kit includes a scanner like mainframe, several sets of headphones, a piece of software installed in a mobile phone and special playing cards. Then, Xiao he found his usual gamblers, Zhu and Jiang, who also lost more and won less. They discussed the "immortal bureau" of "killing pigs".


Two bosses were set up by him


With this set of equipment, Xiao He will find someone to practice whenever he has time. In July this year, they felt that they had practiced fraud and gambling perfectly, so Jiang found two "big fish" through their relationship.


These two men usually do business in the leather city. They have a good foundation and do not participate in the general card games. In order to attract them, the small how 3 people smashed pot to sell iron, collected several tens of thousands of yuan in cash, then invited each other. But for the first time, due to the tension, and unfamiliar with the equipment, the three people who had been prepared for a long time actually lost money.


This experience makes Xiaohe feel terrible. In order to lose money in an emergency, the three of them ran away. Xiaohe spent a lot of money, and naturally refused to admit defeat. He spent three days studying the equipment with Zhu and Jiang, and gradually found the way.


A few days later, the three people regrouped and arranged for the "celestial immortals bureau" again. This time, Xiaohe has a deep heart and full of momentum.


As soon as he entered the room, he patted seven or eight million yuan of cash on the card table. He knew everyone poker card , if he could help God.


That night, he not only won money easily, but also won more than 30000 yuan from two bosses. After that, two fur owners, who were kept in the dark and were not convinced, gambled with Xiaohe many times. However, Xiaohe's "God of gamblers" did not weaken at all, almost to the point of taking whatever he wanted. Three or four times down, the two owners do not play, the "God of gambling" Xiaohe.


After being caught, he was beaten back to his original form


Two fur owners of the successive fiasco let Xiao He Xin flower in full bloom, complacent. So he was ready for another gamble, ready to do a pot full bowl full.


But suddenly he was so happy to win that he forgot that he had fought with others and hurt others. Some people reported to the police for this.


Haining police summoned Xiaoshi when he found this set of cheating gambling "artifact" around him. Xiao He Jian has been exposed, so he explains the secret of changing from a "defeated general" to a "gambling God" -- it's not great skill, but the "artifact" is too "magical".


Xiaohe explained that the reason why he likes to release a few knives of RMB on the table every time is that in the bottom of the knife, there is an electronic device for cheating gambling. There is a micro scanner in it, which can be received through the software and headphones installed in the mobile phone, so that he can know the cards of special cards.


At present, Xiaohe 3 people have been detained according to law for suspected fraud, and the details of the case are still under further investigation.


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