Make a mark on the back of is "perspective", reporters secretly visit exposed poker cheating

 A citizen recently reported to the newspaper that a Gambling cheating tool - "perspective" Poker has appeared in many places in the city. At about 7:30 p.m. on May 1, the reporter found that some people were selling cards with the words "Perspective poker" on the side of the road. From the municipal square to sanxiaokou, there were many such stalls, and pedestrians stopped to inquire about buying from time to time.
The reporter took out 5 yuan to buy a pair of "bicycle" brand "perspective" poker, its appearance and ordinary "bicycle" poker is no different. With the street lamp, the boss pointed to the back of the card and told the reporter that the pattern on the back of the card looks like the same. In fact, different cards have different marks on the back. The top row on the back of the card has 8 large squares, and each square is composed of four small squares with diamond shaped characters. The big square on the far right represents the suit, and the four white diamonds represent "spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds" in turn. Which suit's diamond is large indicates which suit the card is. The other seven large squares are from left to right, and the two small squares in the upper part of each grid represent two numbers, arranged from small to large. The larger diamond in the number square indicates that the number it represents is the card number. According to the method taught by the boss, the reporter did not fail. The original so-called Perspective poker, but in the back of the card do hands and feet, is not the real perspective.
The boss was very interested in seeing the reporter. The boss also told the reporter that such cards were not allowed to be sold. only when the city management department finished work in the evening could they dare to put them out for sale. However, the business was still good. Five or six pairs of cards were sold in a short time in the evening. The reporter asked what the main purpose of buying such cards was. The boss said with a smile, take it to gamble. Some people bought cards from her and won a lot of money. Later, they came to buy several pairs. In addition to the "perspective" poker, there are other types. Different types of "perspective" Poker have different marks and the principle is the same. When the reporter and the boss chatted, there were several young people staying here, and the boss was busy introducing the tricks of playing cards to them.
The reporter searched online for cheating in poker. There is a website called "cycheatpoker", which uses contact lenses to see the points on the back of the card. The principle is that the back is printed with invisible ink. And all kinds of props
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