Playing cards have chips inside, Professional gamblers cheat and cause conflicts


 Xia, Yao and Wu of Yiwu are professional gamblers, but they do not rely on luck, but use "high-tech" equipment.

The kit is called akk playing cards. Each card has a chip, an analyzer, a special camera phone, and a hidden headset that you can put in your ear. Through the analyzer, input the number of game players and playing method, each time when deal the card, using the signal from the camera phone, you can quickly analyze whose card is big, and tell each other through headphones.
On January 5, the three made an appointment to gamble. One night, they lost $4370. he feeling is too incredible, the other side seems to be able to see the value of the card, he get a good card, the other side did not follow, he felt there was a problem, about the next day to continue.
The next day, YingMou found something hard on Xia. The two sides had a conflict and soon the police arrived
The reporter searched the Internet for key words such as "cheat" and "hi-tech brand" and found a number of websites specialized in selling thousands of equipment and teaching methods. These websites provide a variety of equipment and technologies.
The reporter searched for related props from the Internet and found a website There are not only "Poker analyzer", but also "changing clothes" and "high definition X-ray table" which can change cards and hide cards
Cheating is a bad behavior . .A small bet is happy, a big bet will hurts you

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