Why do people work hard in this life?



 Grandma came to the United States when she was 50 years old. She had no money or skills. She had nothing but the roots of illness left by years of hard work.

In the early 1990s, she went to work in a flower factory in Chinatown. She worked for more than ten hours a day and 365 days a year.
Zha Hua counts money by piece. Although her eyes are not good, they are faster than others.
Some people play guitar and grind out the cocoon. Some people carry bricks and grind out the cocoon. She is pierced by a needle.
When she came back to visit me, she brought me Ferrero chocolate, mustache chips and jif peanut butter.
She bought me a nice suit and a jin of yellow snails.
She took me to the zoo, amusement park and forest park. She took me to Beijing to see the Great Wall, Tian'anmen Gate and Chairman Mao.
"Grandma, is America better than Beijing?"
She describes the prosperity of New York to me in the most simple language, and tells me that America is wonderful and everything is waiting for me.
Zhihu often talks about rich girls. I have a story about a boy being rich.
One year, I finished my chocolate, chips and peanut butter, but my grandma still didn't come back.
That was the first truth I didn't want to know about life. She had a stroke and half collapsed.
When grandma immigrated to America, she brought three minor sons,The second uncle and the third uncle and the fourth uncle.
The second uncle and the third uncle went to work the day after landing in the United States, and the young fourth uncle left school after several years of reading.
They work 12 hours a day, six days a week, in a relative's restaurant.
The restaurant is open 364 days a year and only closed on Thanksgiving Day.
When grandma was paralyzed, my uncles took turns to go back home, bring me delicious food and take me out to play.
I like playing table tennis. My uncle bought me table tennis, table tennis racket and table tennis.
One year, four-wheel drive was popular. Uncle Sanshu bought me a remote-controlled SUV to help me win over all my friends.
Four uncles are young and romantic. They always bring me when they go out to pick up their younger sister. They want to cultivate me into the next generation of love saints.
They never mentioned the hardships of living in the United States. That's the secret of adults. It has nothing to do with me.
Five years after grandma went abroad, her parents also went to America.
How can I be down? The couple didn't even have a room of their own.
Zha Hua has been eliminated by the times, and only heavy work can be done. My dad was a butcher, a container worker, a freight driver.
The details don't have to be repeated, they're just 12 hours x 365 days cliche.
Later, the four brothers gathered to open a small supermarket, a restaurant, and then a second small supermarket, a second restaurant.
More and more money has been made, but the old problem of working hard has not been alleviated.
Five years after my parents went abroad, I also came to the United States and saw what life was like.
I have lived in New York for several months, and I have seen the prosperity of the world capital with my half paralyzed grandmother.
Before that, she had hardly stepped out of the scope of Chinatown. When she described New York to me, she was half paraphrased and half imagined.
Later, I went back to my parents and ended my five-year separation.
My father came to the station to meet me, took me to a small villa, and proudly told me: "this is our family, I know you are coming, just bought."
I have been to the dark and shabby apartment building where my grandmother lived when she first came to America, and the moldy basement where my parents lived. I know that I will have a bed and a room in my new home, but I didn't expect that I will have a villa, a front yard, a backyard, and a whole paved future.
Why do people work hard in this life?
Grandma's answer is me, my parents' answer is me, my answer is them, and entrust my life to my daughter-in-law and children.
For me, growing up and having more responsibilities, I naturally want to work hard, not to earn a lot of money, but to live the life I want and the life my grandma and parents never had. They finished all the hardships for me and helped me to walk ninety-nine steps. I just need to walk one more step. How dare I hesitate?
More than 80 people in our family have been fighting in the United States for more than half a century. We are all working hard. Our generation is better than ours.
If you don't have a high starting point in your life, no one has ever walked through any one of the hundred steps of your life for you. Don't worry. You should try your best, and the extra steps won't be wasted. There will always be people you care about, and you will meet people you care about sooner or later.
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