Why do many people think Microsoft has declined?



Microsoft really "declined" because wall street didn't like him. It's strange why Wall Street doesn't value him. He has such good profits and cash flow. What's the difference? The difference is that he works steadily and does not cheat. A promising company on Wall Street is a company with a future. It's a company that you sell by how many times your current stock. It doesn't matter whether you make a profit. As long as you can expand, as long as you have a concept, it's called a future. Microsoft can't. It has entered a stable period. The stock price can't be speculated. The more dividends are paid, the less Wall Street can do. The so-called decline of Microsoft is the view of Wall Street, which is echoed by others, especially the media. Don't listen to them fooling, unless you are a stock trader. But look at Microsoft's investment in recent years. For example, the layout of cloud computing is not inferior to that of Amazon, artificial intelligence and industry Four It is also very advanced. Microsoft is probably the largest contributor to Linux, and so on. Microsoft will find Microsoft's technical input and advancement, but it has fewer products to consumers. If the mobile phone doesn't work well, Microsoft has no future. Finally, after Ballmer left, Microsoft made a lot of adjustments, including catering to the operation of Wall Street, the stock price also went up, and the P / E ratio went up. In the past two years, Microsoft has rarely been said to have declined. But these can not be solved by simply changing a CEO's thinking, but the result of Microsoft's continuous innovation (including Ballmer's period), which is only not easy to see. It is said that Ballmer left Microsoft because he found that people did not like him, not because of poor performance

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