What kind of network sideline can we do?

 The debt was 2w in 17 years, and it took 7 months to pay it off in 18 years. Today, there is a small surplus and it depends on the following 4 sideline businesses.

But I have to tell you that most people have a better future to do their jobs than their sidelines. I went on a self abusive sideline trip.

Sideline 1: DIY Manual

Manual book refers to the book produced by pure manual method. Handwork is equivalent to "advanced customization" in paper stationery industry,

There are many production tutorials. Girls who are interested must go to see them to satisfy your full girlish heart.
If it's for sale, just like other up owners, make a small book, record a video, sell two copies a month, $43 a book, with a minimum income of $86, which is especially suitable for free time at night.
The whole process is not difficult. It needs patience, so boys are not suitable.

Garbage collection:

For example, let the group leader send red packets, or various business activities.
What's more advanced is that all kinds of software do tasks. I believe that you must have known and even done these things after staying in this big family for so long.

no earn a lot of money, and  don't have any technology accumulation. It's only suitable for students, and friends at work don't recommend it.

Sideline 3: Pet Sterilization
All the people who have ever had cats know that they can drive people crazy in the middle of the night during the period of estrus, and even run away from home and disturb their neighbors' babies.

Pet sterilization came into being.

Generally, the sterilization of pets on the market costs $150 - $200. But if there are veterinarians who can guarantee safety and have relevant certificates, what about $43?

We are responsible for finding customers, docking with veterinarians, and earning the difference from them. This is a very good business.
Business is information asymmetry. Even in a third tier city, pet sterilization costs at least $72 - $150. You can go to fivver to find some services or if you have some skills or resources , and then increase the price to publish , You can find some tutorials, such as videos or documents

If there is a price difference, there will be profit and security guarantee. Add more local pet groups and introduce them to customers. Orders of dozens dollars a month and five orders a month are OK.

Sideline 4: data search service

They can not only learn by themselves, but also help others. They are especially suitable for working people.
What does data search mean? Many self-Media personnel often use various tools and materials due to their work needs. For example, at the end of the year, there are many people who need summary reports. They can collect 100 summary reports from all walks of life and give them to those who need them.

How do these people come from?
1: Add industry group, find a few friends, in the early stage to help everyone in the group, what you need to help you find for free, to build a good impression. It will be easy for them to invite you to other groups later.
Everyone has at least one or two industry groups or communication groups.

2: Organize some useful information every day, add your contact information at the end, insist on sending for a period of time, and someone will take the initiative to add you every day.
3: At this stage, you can make a pay group, $4 one people and send the information you collected to the group every day.
The idea is very simple, and it's hard to stick to it. That's why, as I said earlier, we need to invest more energy.

Sideline 7: document sales, video sales

document sales is similar to the data search I wrote a few days ago. It means that after finding documents through legal channels, they can be uploaded to the library platform, and someone can directly get the income if they download them.

Sideline 8: blessing video

When birthday, Valentine's day, marriage, graduation and other scenes appear, everyone will have a headache and give what kind of gift,
Blessing video is a good gift, novel and creative, and not expensive, like the above video $5.
Sideline 9: wake up service

According to a wake-up have $1, 577 transactions were completed, with a total income of $400. It's not tired to compete with the income of work.
A lot of otaku men will buy this business for $1. For most people, it's not enough for a genuine steam price.
The above recommendations may not help you change your life immediately, but your thinking and cognition may be slightly improved. No matter when you start to do it, please remember the following four points

Accompany play

Accompany play is to accompany customers to play the specified online games, and provide voice and text chat services along the way, and charge a certain accompaniment fee.

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