Exposing A Few High-tech Poker Cheating Devices

 A poker cheating device supplier and manufacturer from China offers now X ray contact lenses for Teen Patti, a popular card game which originated in India but now played worldwide. The owners maintained that these contact lenses are quite different from the infrared contact lenses they manufacture and added that this specific type of contact lenses is suitable for cheating if the player is using non-marked cards. These devices are for poker cheat, and may be the owners of the clubs don’t like them in their clubs.

Teen Patti is a tricky poker game and not everyone can easily win at this kind of poker game. However, if a player is using X ray contact lenses, the cards in a deck of cards get instantly visible to them. There are now a lot of scanning devices to scan the cards in the game and nobody knows that what’s going on.

Using The Smart Bracelet For Scanning

Like there are smart bracelets that can do scanning in the poker game. In one of the beads, the poker scanner has been inserted. You cannot see it with the bare eyes. You have to wear the bracelet on your wrist, and moving your wrist according to moving the bead to scan the card through the scanner.

The executive informed that the X ray contact lenses allow the player in a Teen Patti game to look through the deck of cards and read the suits and points of the cards, individually and distinctly. He said that players can use this kind of contact lenses with non-marked cards and avert chances of getting caught in casino.

X Ray Contact Lenses

X ray contact lenses are definitely safer than the IR contact lenses we sell. This is because if a casino has tight security policies and players are thoroughly checked at the gate before they are allowed to get inside, marked poker cards may not be a safe option as someone at the gate can use IR contact lenses to find the marks on the cards. However, X ray contact lenses are just like ordinary contact lenses and nobody will really force the players to put off their lenses as forcing someone to do so something against the ethics.

Using Smart Phone To Attach With Devices

The analyzers are generally a combination of two or three components. The CVK 350 All-in-One, for example, is modeled after a real Smartphone. We have used Samsung S4 in this case as the model is used all over the world and nobody will really suspect that the player is using some sort of cheating devices. However, it’s a different mechanism inside as the player can get the right signals via the Bluetooth technology through the earphone. If using earphones is prohibited in a club or casino, the player can simply switch to the vibrator mode to get alerted about important developments during the game”, said a senior executive of the device manufacturers

The poker analyzers are made for marked cards and vice versa. For the uninitiated, the marked cards are processed from ordinary cards and bear special marks that the players with special poker cheating devices at their disposal can easily identify. According to the owners, the marked cards and accompanying devices help the poker players in staying ahead in the game, both literally and figuratively.

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