China coronavirus confirmed 2055 cases of suspected 2692, died 56 ,patients were cured 49

 China confirmed 2055 cases of suspected 2692 ,died 56, patients were cured 49

Source of infection: Wild animal, may be some chrysanthemum

Virus: New Coronavirus 2019-nCoV

Transmission channels: not fully grasped, human-to-human transmission, medical staff infection, and community transmission in a certain range

Does the virus mutate: it is possible

Whether the epidemic has spread: yes

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Of the first 27 cases of "new coronavirus pneumonia" reported, most of them were operating and purchasing staff of Wuhan South China Seafood Wholesale Market.
A family of 4 in the South China Seafood Market in Wuhan was hospitalized for pneumonia.
The first death case of "new coronavirus pneumonia" was shopping at Wuhan South China Seafood Market all year round.
New cases of coronavirus pneumonia found in Wuhan are more likely to occur in seafood markets.
However, they are not only selling seafood, they are also selling wildlife.
And today´╝îThe National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated clearly that the source of the new coronavirus was wild animals.
Remember SARS in 2003?
This epidemic that swept across China is still a pain that many people do not want to remember
SARS caused 774 deaths and 8098 infections worldwide, and its original source was also "wild animals".
China Guangdong is a well-known wild animal concentration camp and cemetery. The regular table civet is the direct source of SARS coronavirus infection.
The spread of SARS was transmitted to the civet by the natural host Rhinolophidae, and then transmitted to humans by the civet.
After the civet was found to be the source of the virus, Guangdong Province issued relevant policies prohibiting the hunting of wild civets, banning wild animal trading markets, and preventing infection from the source.
Xu Wenbo, director of the Institute of Virology of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, said Tuesday that the center has started the research and development of a new type of coronavirus vaccine. At present, the virus has been successfully isolated and seed strains are being screened. In addition, China CDC is conducting drug screening of new coronavirus pneumonia

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