Breathing by your mouth turned ugly,How to recover?



 The human skull usually consists of 23 flat and irregular bones of different shapes and sizes. Except the mandible, other bones are connected by bone sutures.

Due to the fascia and muscle covering on the human face, the human skull allows a small amount of movement, so some physical characteristics are actually not only determined by genes.

Mouth breathing face


May be due to nasal congestion or allergies, which blocked the nasal passages and began to breathe through the mouth. This kind of need to go to the hospital for treatment


At first I bought this brand, and then there were very few sellers to choose from. I also asked my colleagues to buy some packages. A pack of 4/50 was really a little expensive. However, it is very effective. I used to breathe and sleep, and my throat was very dry every morning, and my voice was very magnetically low ... After using it, it was much better. However, I tried to buy 3M tape because it was too expensive, but because of I am man, it was really painful to tear the tape in the morning ...

about half a year later? Suddenly more supplies were available and the price dropped dramatically. I simply bought 10 packs at a time. But in fact, it has not been used all the time, because it seems that it is often applied, and the mouth muscles form a memory? maybe. Slowly, basically, I will not open my mouth to sleep. In terms of appearance, the angle of the jaw has changed a little, and the receded jaw has slightly improved. 2) Corrective action The chin shrinkage is really troublesome ... I accidentally turned to the video of mouth breathing corrective action. After confrontation training, it was really effective after doing it several times. Stick it for more than a month, the effect is still visible to the naked eye, and the jaw has some lines.

However, because of the molar decay on my left side, I started eating with my right side when I was about ten years old, and finally became left-right asymmetry, especially Apple's front selfie. Later, I tried to use the left side to eat in the case of left caries repair, but after two or three years, I can only say that the asymmetry has not worsened ...

In the end, the left dental caries finally reached a level that could not be repaired. I went to the dental consultation and finally decided to orthodontic. In fact, the corrective training changes the memory of the muscles, allowing the lower alveolar bone to remember the higher position, of course, it is still effective to look out. If the mouth-breathing face is not very serious, the corrective action is also good. However, if the occlusion is poor, deep overlap or dislocation, it is recommended to talk to the dentist.

3) The orthodontic motive is also very simple. One is that the upper left tooth 6 must be extracted. Then I heard that if the porcelain teeth are to be hung on nearby teeth, it will cause deformation due to time. In the twenties, doctors still recommend dental implants. At that moment, the dental implant will cost about $ 1500 +. If it is corrected, replace the No. 6 tooth with the No. 5 tooth pull. The other position will have a No. 4 tooth.

Another demand is to improve the mouth-breathing face shape. In the relaxed state, the mouth can be closed with a chin, the jaw line is clear, and the side face can be approximated to a straight face.

In the end, because I already worked and was a boy, I was embarrassed to have steel teeth. However, Yin Shimei is about $ 7200 + (coordinates in Shanghai), and finally chose a ceramic self-locking about $ 4500 + (the bracket is white, and it is not noticeable if it is a little far away)

Orthodontics began in January 19, and now it is nearly 9 months.

Deep clinching requires opening the bite. After wearing the maxillary pad for the first 3 months, it was obvious that the occlusal relationship had changed, the jaw began to come out, and the jaw line was also clearer. My teeth are actually relatively tidy, so I will change my bowwire once a month, and it will be aligned in about 7 months. Then just two nails were put in the upper alveolar cavity last month, and the sewing has begun. It is estimated that the sewing is a protracted battle, which will probably last for one year, so let's compare the maps in the fall of 2020.

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