How to asleep quickly when insomnia?

 It is the dream of many insomniacs to asleep in bed. But there will be insomniacs to me, sometimes watching TV on the sofa and falling asleep. once I go to bed, I get excited and can't sleep over and over again. How can we asleep when we touch the bed? This requires the establishment of conditioned reflex between bed and sleep, and the accumulation of enough sleep power.

In clinical practice, it is found that some behavior therapy methods have a relatively slow effect, which needs to be persisted for about 3-4 weeks to have an effect. But there is a behavioral therapy that may work faster, or even immediately. This method is called "body scan". "Body scanning" is an important method of mindfulness practice, which was first proposed by Dr. Joe kabakin, founder of American mindfulness decompression. (sleepless friends who are interested can expand their understanding of mindfulness exercises)

When practicing body scanning, I fell asleep within minutes. Later, when I became a mindfulness trainer to lead mindfulness groups, I found that about 60% of beginners would go to sleep when practicing body scanning. It can be said that "body scan" is a very good "hypnotic exercise". Body scanning is mainly used to cultivate our awareness of the body, so as to relax our body and mind, and play a good sleep effect. Insomnia, after going to bed at night can be a routine body scan exercise. If it's difficult to fall asleep after lying in bed or it's difficult to fall asleep again after waking up in the middle of sleep, you can try body scanning exercise. The practice is very simple, that is, let your heart be like a scanner, scanning every part of your body from foot to head.
The specific practice methods of sleeping with the bed are as follows:

The text version is indeed a little long. If you really want to sleep in bed, you must follow the method I said, but don't do this set of "body scan" at work, in case you fall asleep

Please lie in bed or on the thick carpet.

Close your eyes or close your eyes slightly, put your hands on both sides of your body, and separate your feet naturally.

Now pay attention to the feeling of the body. You are lying there, and feel the whole body is supported by something. Your goal is to become aware of every part of the body and understand the physical feelings that already exist. So our goal is not to achieve a certain state, but to perceive what already exists. Therefore, give up the idea of deliberately pursuing a certain state, and don't try to judge a certain state of your body. Just scan every part of your body like a scanner. When there is distraction, bring your mind back.

Now choose a time to direct your attention to the breathing, and realize the bulge of the abdominal wall when you inhale and the depression when you exhale (some people may have the opposite, the abdominal wall sinks when you inhale and the bulge when you exhale, which is normal).

After several breaths like this, move your attention down to your feet. With the shift of attention, the sensation of both feet, including toes, soles, ankles and insteps, is realized. Pay attention to the feeling of these parts. If there is no special feeling, keep this blank state. If it feels subtle, just notice it. This is the experience of the moment. Don't try to feel more, just focus on it.

Now take a deep breath and put down feel your foot as you exhale

Now take a deep breath and put down the awareness of the foot  down as you exhale

Let it melt into consciousness. Then turn your attention to the ankle. How does this part feel? Take a deep breath, and as you exhale, lower your awareness around your ankles. Turn your attention to the lower leg, and stay here for a while, paying attention to the feeling that the lower leg is supported by the place you are lying on, and fully feeling all the awareness generated on the surface of the skin and inside the lower leg.  take a deep breath

Now take a deep breath. When exhaling, put down the awareness of the legs, let the awareness melt in the consciousness, and then turn your attention to the buttocks and pelvis, the right buttocks and the left buttocks, then the whole pelvis and all the organs in the area. You can also imagine the air flowing to the area with the breath. Then take a deep breath and exhale, put down the awareness of the hips and  pelvis 

Turn your attention to the back, starting at the lower back, then as you inhale, extend the sensory area through the middle, then up to the upper back, until you become aware of the whole back. Take a deep breath and let your back down as you exhale.

Focus on the front of the body, first the lower abdomen, to see how it feels, then the whole area.

As your breathing changes, you may become distracted, into a state of thinking and worrying, and you may feel bored, bored or anxious, sometimes they are very distracting. When this kind of situation occurs, please note that it's not wrong. Everything is normal. You just need to pay attention to the feeling at the moment and the factors that distract you, accept their existence, perhaps observe how they affect your body and mind, and then don't judge whether you are doing it right, just bring your attention back to the place where you need to be aware.

Now it should be the awareness of the abdomen. Take a deep breath and exhale with your belly down.

Focus on the chest and become aware of the feeling in this area. Then exhale, while lowering your chest awareness, and focus on your hands and arms for a moment.

Now take a deep breath, put down the awareness of both hands and arms when exhaling, and turn your attention to your shoulders and neck. What's the feeling in this area? Whatever you feel, be aware of them and accept them.

Take a deep breath and exhale with your shoulders and neck down. Focus on the head and face, from the chin to the lips, to the nostrils to the nose surface, to the cheeks, to both sides and ears of the face, to the eyes, eyelids, eyebrows, eyebrows, to the forehead, both sides of the forehead, to the scalp and the head. Now imagine that the air flow inhaled can fill the whole head.

As each breath progresses, the old air exits and the new air fills the space. You lie there, imagining that the air that you breathe fills your whole body, sucks it in and exhales it. Now put down the awareness of breathing, just lie there, let the body keep the current state, the body has a feeling of going home, keep the integrity of body and mind, and rest in awareness

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