Exposing Poker Cheating Devices

 General Poker Cheating Device: The card software is installed in an Iphone. It is specially designed to read the non marked cards so that the cards cheating can be operated more secretly and conveniently. When you deal the cards, just deal the them over the cell phone and the camera inside the Iphone will read suit and point of the card, and then the software will record each card’ poker face and report to player automatically. And you are able to receive the each poker face through the mini earpiece.

Perspective card device: Perspective card device have Perspective table ,Perspective blanket and so on. They hide the spy poker camera anywhere.but the Table made of special materials,so the camera can take a photograph as poker and send the video to TV or phone.

Invisible Ink Mark Card:it is processed with invisible ink and will not be recognized by naked eyes,however,you can see the suit and number of the cards with special contact lenses and perspective glasses.

poker camera:They hide the spy poker camera anywhere. such as a car key, a lighter, a leather belt, a power bank , the table or the like. The one thing these cameras have in common is that they all need to work with marked playing cards to complete the cheating task. While in this article, we will introduce you to a type of special camera, which is capable of reading non-marked playing cards.

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